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The Deluxe Experience

Host a birthday party at The Sweetest Destination in Hamburg, NY! Our Deluxe Experience Birthday Parties are sweet, simple, and recommended for ages 8 and up. All deluxe candy birthday parties include a fun and interactive candy-making experience of the birthday child's choice, time for presents, food, & cake. 



The Deluxe Experience Party Package Includes:

  • Minimum 10 guests.  For an additional fee, 5 Additional guests can be added up to 15 maximum guests.

  • 90 minutes - 45 minutes of chocolate making & games, then 45 minutes for food, presents, and cake.

  • Choose 2 chocolate experiences - see below

What's included per guest:

  • Personalized Chef Hat

  • (1) Bag of Cotton Candy for each guest to take home.

  • (1) Water bottle 

  • One Chocolatier Attendant to lead chocolate activities


**Optional downloadable invitations**

**Aprons will be provided to wear during party**

Food and dessert can be brought in but we ask that no additional candy be brought in as we are a candy store

A traditional Birthday cake or a cotton candy cake can be ordered for an additional fee.

Chocolate Experiences

Chocolate Pop-it

Let's Pop-it

The party table will be filled with an assortment of items to add to the Pop-it before you will pour in your tempered chocolate.

chocolate bar

Let's Make a Candy Bar

Create your own candy bar from a selection of toppings.

Candy kabobs

Let's Make a Truffle

Let's Make a Candy Kabob

Flavor our premade truffle mix, form, dip, and then decorate your own truffle!

Grab your favorite pieces of small candies and arrange your candy in the desired order and carefully poke wooden skewer through candies, creating a kabob!

Check out the other party options:  Chocolate Experience & Ladies Night Out Options
Frequently Asked Questions

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